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Digital search has created dramatic changes in the medical, aged care and NDIS marketplaces.

It has provided volumes of resources around  clinical information and treatment pathways that were once only accessible to medical and care professionals available to everyone.

This has seen a significant shift in consumer behavior with people now researching information and making decision of which services to access. To have a better understanding of how digital search has affected medical practices, ask a GP how often patients now come to them having self – diagnosed or advising which specialist service they want a referral to.

Here are some facts on digital search from Google

Recent data from Google tells us there are on average 40,000 search queries every second. This translates to 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year. Google also advises that there are approximately 1 billion health questions every day.

COVID 19 impacts on search

Search results in March 2020 shifted significantly in response to Corona Virus, but prior to that Google partnered with the Mayo Clinic in response to the high volume of searches related to health.

Harness the power of digital marketing programs

Digital search is a highly effective and monitorable marketing strategy. It can be used to:

Getting digital marketing right

Digital marketing solutions need to be thoroughly researched and tailored to suit your business’s goals. What works for one business will not be suitable for another and can result in poor results and wasted marketing dollars.

CJU Medical Marketing - Digital Marketing Shift and the Power of digital marketing

An effective online digital strategy for your business can help

Today’s market now demands a sophisticated online marketing presence for medical, aged care and NDIS businesses to ensure we communicate our service delivery and messages and reach our potential clients and patients.

How can CJU help

The CJU online medical marketing team combines the skills of web development specialists, social media experts and strategic marketing professionals together with creative design experts and specialised content writers for a complete digital marketing solution.


We have launched our website this week and the feedback from staff and our consumer focus group has been overwhelming.

Jan Elkin-Roberts, CEO – Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre