Marketing plans

Marketing that delivers results and gets desired outcomes is based on the thorough understanding and clear communication of your business.

Having a strategic marketing plan is essential for every health business. It is central to successful outcomes and has a proven direct link to the bottom line. It examines every aspect of your business, your competitors and your potential clients – identifies what it is that makes you different to answer the question… “Why should I choose you?”

Individual businesses need unique marketing solutions
There is no one size fits all approach to results-based marketing as every  business is different with variation based on the type of business, the strengths of the service provision, the current marketplace expectations, the competition, and your business goals

CJU Medical Marketing - Marketing Plans

Customised, comprehensive Marketing Plans

CJU’s strategic marketing managers have vast experience in the development of comprehensive, detailed marketing plans for small, medium and large Medical businesses, Aged Care and NDIS providers that are customised to meet your needs.

Key elements needed to develop a strategic marketing plan for your business include:


Your existing business profile

Reviewing your existing business profile. Who are our clients? What is our greatest profit centre? What is our retention performance? What is our conversion rate? What is the longevity of our clients? What is our geographic drain? How much market share do we have?


Review marketing activities

Review of current and previous marketing activities and marketing spend to check on what delivered results and the ROI.


Your business vision

Define and clarify your business vision, goals and objectives to ensure your marketing is focused on the deliverables you are seeking.



Conducting an analysis of your current business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT).


Your competitors

Comprehensive competitor reviews. What do they do well? What can we learn from them? What do we do better? How do we outshine them? How do we benchmark against them?



Reviewing your current marketing and ensuring existing and future marketing is industry standard and compliant with relevant legislation and Codes of Practice.


Target markets

Identification of your different target markets (ie hospitals, agencies, care facilities, medical specialists, GPs, the public) and focused strategies to communicate effectively with each.


Budget and Activity Plan

Development of a 12 month mapped timeline activity plan together with a marketing budget accounting for one off items, ongoing costs and media costs.

What is an integrated marketing strategy?

An integrated marketing strategy utilises off-line and on-line channels. It gives you a map to follow and targets to set and achieve along the way. It introduces disciplined and ongoing campaign activities and communications with your marketplace and helps you to best engage for mutual benefit.

A strategic marketing plan is intrinsic to business success.

To quote Sun Tzu:

“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”.

CJU Medical Marketing is trusted and used by clinicians, private hospitals, aged care and NDIS providers, device and product suppliers to develop solid tailored marketing strategies and campaigns designed to suit your business, your budget and your goals. CJU can then work with you on the execution of all aspects of your marketing strategy as part of your marketing team.


I engaged CJU in the early stages of my private practice and they have worked closely with us to establish our point of difference, develop our brand and design and execute our digital strategy through our website and social media.

– Dr Louis Shidiak