For medical specialists, private hospitals and device companies the need for a strong network is a necessity. 

In todays marketplace due to higher saturation rates, greater levels
of competition and more readily available information, it is a key component of a solid marketing strategy. 

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Moving away from transactional
to a strong relationship.

Who are referrer relationship programs designed for?

Strong marketing of specialist services results in greater consulting opportunities, and stable utilisation of operating theatres and specialised units such as maternity, mental health, rehabilitation, private emergency services and onsite imaging.

CJU achieves growth to your business through the development of relationships with referrers (GPs and other specialists) and influencers (such as physios for orthopaedic specialists).

The need for this is now greater than ever due to drops in private health subscribers, fewer public posts and a marketplace that is saturated with particular specialties.

Including specialist service and product providers targeting medical specialists and general practitioners.

From transactional service exchange to relationships

Whether you want to develop referrer and user loyalty and uptake, extend and increase referrer and user relationships, or forge new alliances – CJU’s unique experience, extensive healthcare marketing expertise and relationship development programs will help you to develop the trust and brand strength needed to reach your goals.

CJU Medical Marketing GP Networking

A suite of unique marketing services exclusive to the medical industry

Event Design

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Relationships lead to loyalty

Whatever your  goals, real relationships in business develops trust, leads to  loyalty and will help your business realise its vision. 


Since engaging CJU to provide marketing services, we have become more actively involved with our GP referrers and are now starting to see positive changes in our relationships and referral patterns. 

Assoc. Prof. John Ireland, Orthopaedic Surgeon