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Education Events

For Medical, Aged Care & NDIS Businesses

CJU Medical Marketing is a recognised industry leader in the conception and delivery of successful education events and seminars.

Whether in a 5-star venue, small group learning space, clinic-based environment or a webinar, CME or non-CME, CJU Medical Marketing will work with you to design and provide your audience with memorable and informative education sessions.

We will help your medical business fashion events designed to highlight your brand’s unique offering and service strengths as well as develop relationships and referral pathways between specialists, primary care providers, allied health professionals and the general public.

Attendance is key!

We understand how frustrating and what a waste of resource it must be to have a poorly attended event.

There are now so many choices with multiple events available every day for participants to choose from,  an event that captures attention and stands out from the crowd of options is an imperative for good attendance.

The CJU event team is trusted by leading healthcare providers for producing memorable, innovative events that are enjoyable and well attended. We take away the pain of event planning and management, allowing you to focus on your attendees and get the most value from your time at the event.

What are some key ingredients to a good event?

Some key factors that create interest, good attendance and positive results include:

Are CPD points essential for medical events?

While CPD points are one ingredient that can be included as part of an event, well-constructed and attended events can be designed with or without CPD points. CJU has managed and delivered highly successful, well attended non-CPD events that have produced excellent results for various organisations. The key ingredient is making the event interesting and compelling.

A great event needs great presentations

While many clinicians are confident speakers, their event presentations can sometimes lose the audience’s interest. Getting the presentation right is something many presenters struggle with.

Here are some examples:

CJU Medical Marketing - Caroline Ucherek and Education Event

CJU can help by providing guidance on presentation lengths and content together with professional design services to create visually interesting and engaging presentations that allow presenters the best opportunity to interact with their audience and keep them engaged.

It’s not just about the education piece!

Events are one of the best ways to create strong relationships and trusted ties between specialist providers, referrers and consumers. The “meeting before the meeting” and “the meeting after the meeting” and getting the seating right are details that ensure your event has the opportunity to generate solid and meaningful communications between organisers, presenters, sponsors and attendees.

Events (real and virtual) are one of the best tools available for medical businesses

The CJU event team provide the insight and interface to encourage and nurture real outcomes through unique event management activities utilising our vast experience from the delivery of many hundreds of successful medical education seminars and relationship events.

CJU will be able to work with you to help conceive and deliver an event that will attract attention and attendance and will have your audience looking forward to their next invitation.


They have continued to be involved with us, using their extensive networks to identify opportunities for us, organize practitioner visits and manage GP education events. Maree Snodgrass,

The Hand Centre