CJU Medical Marketing - Specialist Recruitment

Specialist Recruitment

If you are a specialist consulting centre, a day hospital or a private hospital, specialist recruitment plays an important part in ensuring your business’s sustained growth and success.

The CJU team have extensive experience in medical specialist recruitment and understand the correct way to communicate using the drivers for decision making of this niche group.

A key component in attracting specialists is a clear understanding of what it is that sets you apart and why should someone make the ultimate decision to be a part of your team.

We tailor make strategic plans supported with the right communication pieces to help you attract the specialists you need to  your team.

Don’t wait for medical specialists and other care professionals to find you. Become pro-active in your specialist recruitment.


CJU has worked with us in the areas of specialist engagement, education seminars, copywriting, newsletters and brochures and relationship marketing with our specialists and GP referrers.

Tony Geftakis, CEO Liverpool Day Surgery