Importance of Digital Presence for your Business

Digital Marketing team discussing | CJU
A suitable digital presence has always be a key element of an integrated marketing strategy and a valuable resource to all medical businesses.
Access to information from trusted sources has become part of an expectation with consumer’s today.

GP Practices

While there is a landslide of medical information available in the media, your patient will seek you out as their trusted health provider for help, diagnosis and treatment.
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While many GP practices have appointment booking portals on their website, there are other areas of your practice that your website and social media presence can help you streamline such as:

•   Ability to respond quickly with important patient/practice communication (within a few minutes with a good CMS) as and when needed.
•   Appointment bookings.
•   Translation buttons for different languages present at the practice.
•   Online prescription ordering.
•   Online medical certificates.
•   Reduces unnecessary load on practitioners and staff.

Digital solutions can often be underestimated within the private sector of the medical industry for their flexibility and availability as a resource centre and information portal.

Specialist Practices

Your digital presence should be a true reflection of your specialist practice and set the expectation of what a patient or a referrer will experience during their management and treatment.

Website and Social Media – How can they work for you?

•   Resource and information portal.
•   Allows potential patients to search for conditions and research treatment options.
•   Can link to other websites of authority to provide further information.
•   Assists GP load through patient direct referral.
•   Gives your practice a strong brand personality.
•   Answers FAQ’s

A suitably designed digital presence can be a valuable resource and provide a significant aid in maintaining patient care and communication. It can also assist in mitigating potential negative impacts on your medical business and can be easily adapted and changed to meet the current needs of patients, updated health directives or legislative requirements.

Does your medical business need to improve its digital presence? CJU’s team of marketers are digital experts working exclusively in the medical industry. Call us to arrange for a complimentary consultation and an individualised solution designed to meet your needs. 1300 941 250.