What makes a Successful Education Seminar?

Man talking during a Successful Education Seminar | CJU

By Caroline Ucherek – Managing Director, CJU Medical Marketing

Earlier this week our team co-ordinated a GP education seminar involving a hospital and medical specialists.

We’re often asked what elements make a compelling seminar that captures interest and attendance.  It’s my belief that there are a few things that help to ensure good event attendance and most importantly, an audience that gains benefit from their participation. The same rules apply whether the audience is GPs or the public.

1)    Ask the audience what they want. Build your event around what your audience is interested in not what you are interested in promoting.

2)    Create interest. Have an event topic that captures attention and gives insight into what will be presented.

3)    Venue. Have a venue that is attractive and suitable with professional staff. Good AV management is a key factor that can turn the best event into a failed event. Pre-plan presentations for a seamless delivery.

4)    Speakers. Have a mix of speakers that are knowledgeable on their topic and build interest and engagement with the audience. Wherever possible, view presentations prior to the event and provide feedback and recommendations.

5)    Mix and mingle. Usually the most significant results from events are achieved before and after the formal presentation. Ensure there is enough opportunity for speakers and guests to mingle and make this a part of the brief to your event management team.

6)    RSVP management. In today’s busy world people forget. Well planned, staggered communications and follow ups = better attendance.

7)    Remember that education events also need to be engaging and entertaining. Don’t let an event be too dry. Give your attendees something to remember and talk about.

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