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SWOT spelled out with a dice

SWOT’s that?

What’s a SWOT – and how does it help me to build and grow my medical business? SWOT is an acronym for Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities

patient experience

The Patient Experience

An insight into your brand in a competitive 2021 marketplace What is your patient’s experience with your brand? Does it give them confidence in your

The Right Time for Telehealth

Is Telehealth here to stay?

In a recent marketing minute, we published a piece on telehealth drawing from data published through a HotDoc survey. The survey was conducted on April

Digital Marketing team discussing
Medical Marketing

Benefits of a suitable digital presence

A suitable digital presence has always be a key element of an integrated marketing strategy and a valuable resource to all medical businesses. Access to …

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St Vincent's Clinic
Medical Marketing

The truly secret ingredients for a successful medical business

As a specialised medical marketing company, CJU has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of medical businesses ranging from individual medical practitioners, …

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Medical Marketing

Targeted Marketing – Why does it work?

Targeted marketing is about ensuring your messages and positioning aligns with who you want to engage with. It is far more effective than a generic …

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Business man signing contract

Why you should consider registering your trade mark

Article prepared by: Brown Ward King, Lawyers The health care professions and related industries continue to grow, notwithstanding difficult economic trading times, and competition is …

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Digital Marketing

9-point check list for a successful digital presence. Getting it right!

A good digital presence has always been an important part of all business’s credentials. This has proven to be even more necessary for medical businesses …

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Medical Marketing

Case Study – Successful Marketing of a Specialist Medical Practice

We are often asked:  What is a typical marketing solution for specialist medical practices? The answer? There is no off-the-shelf solution for medical marketing as …

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